My favorite thing about tennis is the game itself and the people I play it with. It’s not just a physical game, but a very mental one and I love the challenge it presents in both areas. I also love that it is a sport I can play the rest of my life.

From tennis I’ve learned that if you work hard and practice it makes a huge difference and that this sport is a very mental sport and your attitude always affects the outcome. I also have learned that no matter how far down you are, you can always come back and in this sport it’s better to play smart, not hard.

Tennis has impacted my character because it has taught me if you have a good attitude about things the outcome will be different than if you have a negative outcome. It has also taught me to never give up. I have been in a match where it looked like the outcome would be a loss, but I have been able to fight back and win. I also learned that when you win or lose there is always something to learn from every outcome.

My favorite tennis memory was when I made it to the next round at state last year and beat a senior from prep playing singles.

This year from my team you can expect lots of hard work and determination. We have a very large team and only 14 varsity starting positions including boys and girls. So people are really going to have to work hard to earn their spot

I have played tennis for 10 years, since I was five years old and I’ve been on the PCS tennis team for four years. Tennis has impacted my future because it will always be something I can go out and do, even when I am old. I love the sport and love playing it.

Meredith Maksi
10th Grade
Tennis Team