The Board of Directors at Presbyterian Christian School has a narrow and clear scope of responsibilities limited to the following; (1) the selection and employment contract for the position of Head of School, (2) overseeing and approving the annual budget, and (3) contributing to a forward vision that holds true to the timeless mission of PCS.




Board of Directors, President

Mr. Bill Stanway serves as the Chairman of the PCS Board. He has been serving the administration and students at PCS as a member of our Board since 1998. Bill is is a two time graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, where he earned both his BS and MS degrees. Professionally, Bill has served the Hattiesburg community for many years as a trusted CPA. He loves spending time with his family, especially his sister, two nieces, three great-nieces and his great-nephew. In his spare time, Bill loves to collect stamps and coins, and serves as a church officer at First Presbyterian Church.

Why does Bill love PCS? “My favorite thing about PCS is the excellence of education offered, and the impeccable quality and work-ethic of the faculty and staff. The men and women who come to work here every day are first and foremost called by the Lord to serve. Their selfless outlook is what makes the students in our halls feel loved, shepherded, and educated at a level unprecedented at any other school in this area. PCS makes good on their mission to equip students to impact the world for Christ.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Jim Johnson has served as a member of the PCS Board, on and off, since 1985. He graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with his BS in English and Political Science, and earned his Juris Doctorate from Mississippi College School of Law. Jim works as a parent representative through Legal Services Corp in Youth Court, covering six counties. He is married to his bride of 45+ years, Terri, who also served PCS as a teacher and in administration for over twenty years. Jim and Terri have three children, Philip (married with three children, Austin, TX), Patrick (married with two children, Fairhope, AL), and Davis (PCS Class of 2005 and currently a math teacher at PCS Elementary and Assistant Soccer Coach). All of his children attended PCS. In his spare time, Jim enjoys traveling to see friends and relatives and keeping up with his five grandchildren.

Why does Jim love PCS? “There are too many things I love about PCS to try to count! Primarily though, the consistent push for Christ-minded and centered reasoning, instruction, and conversations. And, to that end, PCS’s concentrated efforts to preserve these beautiful Gospel truths in a firm, sensitive, and genuine way that has proven itself necessary in today’s world. Having been active and involved with PCS since the year 1980, our family cherishes the obvious blessings that have been realized over these many decades, and the impact this wonderful place and people have had on our sons and many, many more.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Mike Smith has served as a member of the PCS Board, on and off, since 1985. Mike is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi and is enjoying his retirement from a long time career with the City of Hattiesburg. Mike is married to his bride, Melissa, and together they have three children, Michael, Jason, and Drew (PCS Class of 2006). All five of Mike’s school eligible grandchildren attend PCS between the 7th and 11th grades. In his spare time he enjoys following his grandchildren, hunting, fishing, and attending athletic events.

Why does Mike love PCS? “My time in and around PCS has been such an edifying experience. I’ve seen the lives of students and their families touched by the hearts of those who serve in these hallways. I’ve seen lasting friendships form and stay linked for life. But most of all, the banner that hangs above every classroom, athletic event, administrator, and teacher is the absolute dependence and love of the Lord.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Bobby Sellers has served as a member of the PCS Board since 1994. Bobby is a graduate of The University of Mississippi, a former banking executive, and is an independent business owner of several small businesses around the Pinebelt. He is married to his bride, Kathy, and together they share four children and a son-in-law who are each proud PCS alumni, son-in-law Ben Morgan (Class of 2003), Amy (Class of 2004), Haley (Class of 2006), Ben (Class of 2009), and Hannah (Class of 2013). Currently, Bobby is especially proud that some of his grandchildren are now enrolled at PCS, continuing the Bobcat legacy through the next generation. In Bobby’s spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and metal working.

Why does Bobby love PCS? “PCS is a school dedicated to impact the world for Christ through the education of our children, attempting to attain excellence in all things. This school has and continues to be such a blessing to my family. I’ve watched the spiritual seeds in the hearts of my children grow and mature through their time at PCS. Their tenure here gave them an unshakeable spiritual foundation that I trust will be with them their entire lives. Now, Kathy and I are experiencing these joys all over again as our granddaughter is now a PCS student, beginning a special Bobcat journey of her own. The legacy continues, and I pray the Lord would continue His blessing over this place and people.”


Board of Directors

Mrs. Ali Stayer has served as a member of the PCS Board since 2004. Ali is a graduate of Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery, and of Auburn University with a degree in Speech Communications. Professionally, she has worked in Christian education, has served her family at home in the vital work as a wife and a mother, and has become a regionally renown painter and artist featured in many galleries across Mississippi. You can learn more about her work at her featured link at Caron Gallery in Tupelo, Mississippi (https://thecarongallery.com/Artist/ali-stayer/). She is married to Dr. Phil Stayer, a veterinarian at Sanderson Farms. Together, they share five children; Walker (PCS Class of 2012), Sumner (PCS Class of 2014), Ramsay (PCS Class of 2015), Andrew (Class of 2020), and Lily (Class of 2021). They live in a beautiful home designed, in part, by Ali, and share their home with their schnauzer Toby, Labrador retriever Juna, and cat named Saroo.

Why does Ali love PCS? “I love the lifelong friends my children have made during their years at PCS, but what I have loved the most is how this school has operated in partnership with our family and our church to train our children in the Lord and in His Word. Over the years, our children have heard the Truths of God’s Word in our home, in our church, and in their school, and no price tag can be placed on that.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Bo Pennebaker has served as a member of the PCS Board since 2011. He is a MAIS graduate of the Lamar School in Meridian, Mississippi, and earned his undergraduate degree from The University of Mississippi. Professionally, Bo is the owner and operator of many of the area Ashley HomeStores. Bo is married to Kathryn and together they are raising their four children Cave (PCS Class of 2024), Knox (PCS Class of 2025), Alice (PCS Class of 2026), Ava (PCS Class of 2027), along with their beloved dog, Tinkerbell. When Bo has a moment or two of spare time you’ll find him playing golf or traveling with his family.

Why does Bo love PCS? “There is so much I love about PCS. I especially appreciate that the instruction is done through a Biblical worldview and the family atmosphere truly permeates everything PCS does. Kathryn and I, along with our church, Venture, aim to raise our children to know, love and follow Jesus. It’s so encouraging when their education and the school environment support these same desires. We couldn’t be more thankful to the administration, coaches, and teachers at PCS for how the love and model Christianity to our children.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Bill McIntosh has served as a member of the PCS Board since 2016. Bill earned his BS degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and works at Merit Health Wesley as a Billing Specialist and at Bay Street Presbyterian Church as their Music Director. While he wears many hats, his favorite hat to wear is that of “husband” to his wife Rebecca. Together, Bill and Rebecca share two beautiful daughters, Kathryn and Elizabeth, who are both proud PCS Alumni. In his spare time, Bill works down his “honey do list,” from Rebecca.

Why does Bill love PCS? “There are so many stand-out things about this school, but the obvious love and caring spirit that all the staff show for the students is at the top of my list. Year after year, there has been a remarkable level of talent displayed by our student body, including 53 National Merit Scholars since 2000. It is one thing to have a couple of impeccable students each year, but when your accumulated student body has earned over $58.7 million in scholarships, it becomes clear that, by the grace of God, PCS has the ‘right stuff’ to yield great success for our students.”


Board of Directors

Dr. John Kosko has served as a member of the PCS Board since 2018. Dr. Kosko graduated summa cum laude from sister MAIS school Pillow Academy, earned his BS degree in engineering from Mississippi State, and graduated magna cum laude with his Medical Degree and completed his residency at The University of Mississippi School of Medical Center. Dr. Kosko is a is a board-certified, fellowship-trained foot and ankle orthopedic specialist. Dr. Kosko is married to his beautiful bride, Kendy, and together they share in the ministry of their three children, Eliza (Class of 2024), Caroline (Class of 2026), and Louis (Class of 2030). The Kosko family is especially proud of the other member of their family, their golden doodle, Sam. While Dr. Kosko’s time is mostly spent at work, with his family, and serving as an elder at First Presbyterian Church, he does enjoy cheering on his 2021 College World Series National Champion Mississippi State Bulldogs and hanging out at the lake.

Why does Dr. Kosko love PCS? “My favorite thing about PCS are our amazing teachers. I love that when my kids leave for school, I know they will be not only be educated in excellence, but will be deeply loved, cared for, and constantly pointed to Jesus. As a PCS parent over the years, that peace of mind has truly been a gift of grace from the Lord. Kendy and I are both just very grateful for the gift that PCS has been, continues to be, and will be for our entire family.”


Board of Directors

Mr. Lee Parish has served as a member of the PCS Board since 2018. He is a MAIS graduate of Prentiss Christian School, a graduate of Jones Junior College, and earned both his BS and BA degrees in Marketing at The University of Southern Mississippi. Lee is the owner and founder of the area’s premier tractor and equipment group, Parish Tractor Company, which serves the Southeast as one of the leading Kubota Tractor dealerships.  Lee is married to his beautiful bride, Elizabeth. Together, they share four children, Liza (Class of 2026), Will (Class of 2028), Charlie (Class of 2030), and Annie (Class of 2032). The Parish family is especially proud of their two dogs, George and Lucy. In Lee’s spare time, he enjoys woodworking, being outdoors, gardening, hunting and fishing, being with his family, and taking his wife on dates.

Why does Lee love PCS? “I love that our school partners alongside and reinforces what we are teaching at home—to love the Lord with all your heart. In fact, the school itself even operates as its own ‘PCS Family’ which I’ve watched serve, carry burdens, encourage, and love one another so incredibly well. It really is a difficult thing to put into words, but I love what a unique and special place PCS has been for my children and our family. Come schedule a tour and see for yourself!” 


Board of Directors

Mrs. Amber Hatten has served on the PCS Board since 2019. Amber is a two time graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi with her BSBA in Accounting, and a Masters of Professional Accounting (MPA). Professionally, Amber is a Certified Public Accountant and Professor of Practice/MPA Director at The University of Southern Mississippi. Her experience and skills with finance and accounting have been an exceptional blessing to the PCS Board. Amber is the proud wife to Christopher, and together they share in the blessing of their two children, Will (Class of 2026) and Caroline (Class of 2029). When Amber isn’t grading assignments or crunching numbers she enjoys traveling, attending all of the activities for her children, and simply spending time together as a family.

Why does Amber love PCS? “The Christian atmosphere is immediately evident when you walk through the doors. I am incredibly thankful for our amazing faculty and staff and how they go above and beyond for their students because of the calling they feel to work towards excellence in all that they do.  The teachers genuinely love and pour themselves into our children, challenge them, and encourage them in so many ways each and every day. From the preschool through the high school, the love of Christ and the Biblical worldview is expertly woven into every class included in the curriculum. This intentional approach helps solidify the Scriptural Truths in a way that our children can hear, see, touch, and feel. It is my hope that these Truths will be ever-present in the lives of our PCS students. Working with college students, I understand first-hand how important a solid foundation is for success in higher education. With PCS providing a comprehensive college preparatory education, and exceptionally preparing its students with all of the academic, social, and spiritual disciplines necessary for success, I know that my children will be well-prepared to continue their education at the university level and cultivate their talents to prayerfully follow God’s direction to impact the world for Christ.”