January 31, 2023


HATTIESBURG, MS—Presbyterian Christian School’s Fine Arts Department has long been a leading and exceptional element to fulfill the school’s mission.

The mission of Presbyterian Christian School is “to provide a comprehensive college preparatory education distinguished by a biblical worldview to equip students with the moral integrity, intellectual capacity, and social conscience to impact the world for Christ.” Part of the comprehensive preparation the students receive during their tenure at PCS is a broad introduction to the fine arts, as well as, the opportunity to specialize and dive deeper in those disciplines that excite them the most. Through the duration of a calendar year, Presbyterian Christian School hosts more than twenty-seven productions and events highlighting our renowned fine arts programming.

Through the lens of a sound Biblical Worldview, our administrators, teachers, and students stand in the belief that in the very beginning, God created. This in itself is the validation of and the authorization for all human creativity as a vital component of vibrant Christian worship. Our fine arts teachers have a special charge to this end as they shape tomorrow’s minds and as they lead by example in their respective fields of art.

Fine arts teacher, and regionally renown mural and studio artist, Ricardo Moody was featured on the nationally broadcast HGTV show Hometown first released on January 29th.

Mr. Ricardo Moody is known for his use of expressive and vivid colors, while stylistically teeters towards photographic realism. Mr. Moody’s work delves into themes of sensory perception and explores human connections to objects and places. He is originally from Orlando, Florida but made his home in Denver, Colorado for over a decade. Mr. Moody is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and has paintings and impactful murals bringing joy all over the United States.

Mr. Ricardo Moody shares, “It was an honor to featured on HGTV’s Hometown TV show and a lot of fun for me personally to have the opportunity to do. It is so cool that my students can watch how I work as a personal artist outside of the classroom… and especially so from the perspective of a nationally-viewed television show.”

Fine arts teacher, Dr. Jesse Noote secured a major publishing deal with Canorous Music Publishing starting with his original piece, titled “Isaiah 40.”

This piece was written for Dr. Noote’s exceptional Secondary School Choir a few years ago as a means of self-expression. It is generally composed for women’s voices, baritone solo, and piano. The baritone solo of this arrangement is an especially beautiful interpretation of the voice of Isaiah the prophet. It is with the words in Isaiah 40 that God promises strength for those who wait upon the Lord.

Dr. Jesse Noote shares, “I am especially grateful to PCS for all the support over the years. It is because of their encouragement that I have been able to continue exploring and honing my gifts as a music educator and composer. I am grateful to Canorous Music Publishing for believing in my music. I also have an immense amount of gratitude for my wife, Leah, who allows me the time I need to compose. Finally, I am thankful to my Creator, who gave me the desire to create as a means of worship and of wonder.”

You can listen to an audio sampling of this amazing composition HERE and also see some of the sheet music of this composition HERE.

Along with Dr. Noote’s new publishing relationship, you can read in greater depth about Dr. Jesse Noote on Canorous Music Publishing’s website.

Interim Head of School, Dr. Allen O. Smithers shares, “God created all things and in His grace and sovereignty, created us—humans—in His image. The statistics are endless to support the academic and comprehensive benefits students of all ages receive from their intentional participation in the fine arts. For many years, Presbyterian Christian School has not only produced some of the most incredible fine arts students, but as you can see from the recent accomplishments of Mr. Ricardo Moody and Dr. Jesse Noote, we also have the very best fine arts teachers. Yes, they are great because they are leading creators in their own spheres, but I believe they are great because of the example they set for their students every single day of their humility unto the Lord and excellence in all things. We praise God for Mr. Moody and Dr. Noote. The impact they have on our school and students is simply immeasurable.”

You can learn more about the Fine Arts offerings at Presbyterian Christian School by visiting our website

For more information and media inquiries, please contact Director of Communications, Kami Bonner via email at or by phone at 765-215-1334.

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