CC@PCS! Tuesday Edition, V. 1, E. 14 – 12/7 – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 7, 2022

Happy Wednesday! I straight up forgot it was Tuesday yesterday!

But, I’m signing off for 2022 – so I hope you are accepted to college, have submitted your scholarship applications, and READY TO RELAX this break!

We’d like to congratulate Junior Ruby Sage Rogers as she was selected by Southern Pine Electric to be a national delegate to their Leadership Cooperative Conference, traveling to Washington D.C. in the spring. We’re proud of you Ruby!

Finally, a checklist of things to make sure you complete over break to stay up with the College Admissions Process:

  1. Apply to college! Now is the time if you have not done so already!

  2. Apply for scholarships: here’s a comprehensive list:

  1. Sign up for RaiseMe to start earning FREE money for college starting in 9th grade. Seniors – it is not too late!


This is money available to you for working hard in high school. Period. Free.

Just do it. It’s easy, and it’s free. And you will get money.

  1. Update your SCOIR Account! If you are a Senior and have not entered your schools into SCOIR, you will not be able to get your cap & gown. This will be on the graduation checklist in the spring. Please do it now. This needs to be completed in order to have your transcripts sent to colleges and to validate your high school graduation.


we cannot send FINAL TRANSCRIPTS (which you need to register for classes)

if you do not update your SCOIR account. Please take care of business!

This is part of your graduation checklist!

  1. Email all scholarship monies and awards you receive to OR



TODAY – Mississippi State ON CAMPUS! Meet Darby in the Library @ lunch!

12/10 – national ACT Test

1/5 – Scholarship Application Deadline @ OleMiss

1/2023 – The ASVAB Exam, TBD

1/6 – registration deadline for national ACT on 2/11

1/23 – Mandatory Junior College Meeting! SAVE THE DATE!

2/11 – national ACT Test

3/7 – The Spring ACT @ PCS

3/10 – registration deadline for national ACT on 2/11

4/15 – national ACT Test


Need a meeting with me? Schedule it HERE:

While we won’t be sending any transcripts out over the break, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Don’t forget, if you update SCOIR, your transcript can be sent automatically!

I hope you have a peaceful break filled with family, friends, and the JOY of celebrating our Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you,


Emily Thomas

Emily Zilich Thomas | College Counselor 


Office Phone:  601.582.4956

Cell Phone:  203.470.1198

Presbyterian Christian School, Secondary Campus

221 Bonhomie Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Web:  PCS College Counseling

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