CC@PCS! Tuesday Edition, V. 1, E. 12 – 11/15

November 15, 2022

It’s almost Turkey Time, and man, are we thankful for this new program (among MANY other good, good things from the Lord)!

If you do nothing else today, PLEASE READ THIS! is a way to start earning money for college NOW, starting in 9th grade!

This website allows you to add classes, activities, test scores and more to earn ACTUAL CASH towards college tuition. It’s free…it’s not a scam, and there are hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide who award these scholarships – NO ESSAY, NO applications, just information about your hard work.

This is money available to you for working hard in high school. Period. Free.

The newest member of Raiseme is the University of Mississippi – Ole Miss!!!

Seniors, it’s not too late to create an account and earn CASH toward COLLEGE. You can earn up to $4000.00 at Ole Miss (or any other university who is a member).

Don’t skip this. If you need help, come see me.


You can do it. It’s easy, and it’s free. And you will get money.


Other announcements…

  1. PCS will be administering the ASVAB Exam for students interested in the armed forces on December 8th. This aptitude test can result in full scholarships to college through ROTC programs. The test is free and open to Juniors and Seniors.

Please notify if you are interested!

  1. Students attending the Fall College Tour, please check your emails for details. See you at 7:00AM TOMORROW – in the front of the school!



11/16 – TOMORROW! The Fall College Trip!

11/19 – USM Black & Gold Day! Register:


12/1 – Scholarship Application Deadline @ State

Scholarship Application Deadline @ USM

12/2 – Ms. Thomas’ Birthday. She accepts sparkling water of all varieties

12/8 – ASVAB Test @ PCS

12/10 – national ACT Test

1/5 – Scholarship Application Deadline @ OleMiss

1/23 – Mandatory Junior College Meeting! SAVE THE DATE!

3/7 –     The Spring ACT @ PCS: Please sign up and pay using the link, as there will be NO EMAIL sign-ups as there were in the Fall. We are using the link only, so that no one falls through the cracks, and everyone has plenty of time to sign up.

The cost of the ACT at PCS is $55.00.



Need a meeting with me? Schedule it HERE:

Thank you,


Emily Thomas

Emily Zilich Thomas | College Counselor 


Office Phone:  601.582.4956

Cell Phone:  203.470.1198

Presbyterian Christian School, Secondary Campus

221 Bonhomie Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Web:  PCS College Counseling

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