CC@PCS! Tuesday Edition, V.1, E.5 – 9/13/22 The MONEY Talk!

September 13, 2022

Hey Bobcat fam!

First of all, College Guides are IN; Juniors and Seniors need to come to my office to SIGN that they have received their Guide. This book contains EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully journey through the college process and get the money that you need to attend school!

Speaking of…Let’s talk MONEY – it’s out there for college…you just have to ask for it!

Here’s how scholarships work:

  1. You apply to a school and they will tell you what you AUTOMATICALLY qualify for (ranges from $1000 a year to a full-ride scholarship).

  1. Once accepted, you apply to the “Scholarship Program” of a specific school. These applications are SEPARATE from your application for admission. Most are due in December of THIS YEAR, some priority applications are due sooner. For example:

-Ole Miss: November 15th

-USM: December 1st

-Mississippi State: December 1st

-University of Alabama: January 15th

-Check your dream school’s website for details and deadlines!

  1. On October 1st, you can apply for FAFSA, to see if you qualify for federal financial aid;

  1. Then, apply for Mississippi aid application:

If you stay in Mississippi for college, there are some great options:

                  -Eminent Scholars Grant:

                  -Tuition Assistance Grant:

                  -NISSAN Scholarship:

  1. Finally, you apply for PRIVATE scholarships.

There are thousands listed HERE:

Some are based on academics, service, leadership, or financial need, just find the ones that are right for you!

             Here are some EXCELLENT other options no matter where you go (and there are thousands more):

Coca-Cola Scholars;

Prudential Emerging Visionaries:

Big Futures:

Voice of Democracy: see attachment. You can win up to $30,000 for writing a great essay!

***General College Admissions-related Announcements: 


  1. If you plan on applying or attending Ole Miss, you will want to get your application in ASAP so that you know if you are accepted before September 30th. If you are, you will be in the FIRST ROUND of applicants for housing.

  2. If you have applied to USM and you received an email from me this week, please complete your application so that you can be considered for admission immediately. If you need help, please come to my office.

Need a meeting with me to chat through other questions? Schedule it HERE:


9/14 –     TOMORROW – William Carey Admissions Counselor ON CAMPUS, in the cafeteria after 4th period/lunch!

9/15 – Coca Cola Scholars Application DUE!

9/15 – Mayor’s Youth Council Applications due

9/16 – registration deadline for the National ACT on 10/22

9/20-21 – Allied Health Days @ Pearl River CC! Register HERE: here

9/21 – Southern Miss Admissions Counselor ON CAMPUS, in the library after 4th period/during lunch!

9/28 – LSU Admissions Counselor ON CAMPUS, in the library after 4th period/during lunch!

10/1 – FAFSA Application for the 2023-2024 school year becomes available to families

10/11 – ACT Test Fee will be drafted from FACTS accounts (ONLY for families of students who signed up for the October ACT@PCS)

10/18 – ACT @ PCS

10/22 – national ACT

10/26 – The PCS College Fair

10/31 – Voices of Democracy Scholarship Deadline (submissions can be sent to, or be submitted directly to the local VFW Post).

11/1 – Dual Credit Course Fees will be drafted from FACTS accounts (ONLY for families of students taking DUAL CREDIT CLASSES)

Thank you,



Emily Zilich Thomas | College Counselor 


Office Phone:  601.582.4956

Cell Phone:  203.470.1198

Presbyterian Christian School, Secondary Campus

221 Bonhomie Road

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Web:  PCS College Counseling

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