CC@PCS! Tuesday Edition, V.1, E.1 – 8/16/22

August 16, 2022
Junior and Senior families,
Happy back-to-school! It has been great to meet many of you, and I look forward to connecting with the rest as the year progresses.
This is the first of many Tuesday emails that will be coming your way this year, so adjust those SPAM filters to make sure you never miss a Tuesday Edition! I’ll be popping into your inbox weekly with (hopefully) helpful information pertaining to life after PCS. From ACT information to important dates, these editions will contain updates on things you may find interesting. Later in the year, you’ll receive separate Junior and Senior emails, however, I am combining the list now, so that Junior families can observe the process of Senior year alongside our current Senior families. The more you know!
So here we go! Never hesitate to respond, call, or schedule an appointment with me at school!

1. Family Meetings – Senior family meetings are in full swing, and Juniors are on deck. PLEASE schedule a family meeting to confirm graduation plans, credits, college and career plans, and more. You can schedule your meetings HERE:

2. Check out our new website – full of helpful links HERE:

3. ACT News – The LATE registration deadline for the September 10th national ACT is THIS FRIDAY (19th). If you want to take the ACT on a national date, you need to sign up on your own. PCS will give the ACT here at school on October 18th. We will sign you up for this test date. Sign up for the ACT national dates HERE:

4. Dual Credit Students – If you are a *first time* Dual Credit student, you must fill out an application online and pay your application fee ($40.00) to William Carey HERE:

***All other fees associated with Dual Credit courses will be billed to your FACTS account.***

5. College Visits – NOW is the time to start getting your feet on college campuses if you have not already done so! Check your favorite school websites for Fall Preview Days, View Weekends, or just schedule a visit on your own! Also, check the CC @ PCS Calendar for updates on college representatives coming to our campus! The College Fair on October 26th will be a great time to connect with school representatives as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this process.

8/26 – Last day to add/drop courses @ PCS = Registration Deadline for Dual Credit classes with William Carey

9/10 – national ACT

10/1 – FAFSA Application for the 2023-2024 school year becomes available to families

10/18 – ACT @ PCS

10/22 – national ACT

10/26 – The PCS College Fair

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