COVID Updates, August 18, 2021

August 20, 2021

August 18, 2021

PCS Family, 

Here is your two-week COVID update email, as promised.

Overall Summary: 

— Thank you for your continued partnership in our wise measures to protect our PCS Family as a means to keep as many students and staff in school as we are able.

— Your continued diligence has blessed PCS as we are not seeing cases spread or increase by simply being in school. Your support in this means a great deal.

— PCS will continue to keep in place the proactive measures that have proved successful thus far.

— Our updates will continue every two weeks as a touch point for information for you and your family.

— We have a new LIVE COVID Home page that will be constantly updated on our website. That page can be found HERE.

By the Numbers:

What %
Notes of Value
School-wide Positive COVID cases 0.05% Two-thirds of the cases in question are carried over from before our start of school. 
School-wide Quarantines 1.60%
School-wide “Q Passes” Validated at This Time 5.60% Q Passes can be validated by sending us documentation of your vaccinations, or, documentation of a positive COVID test (valid for 90 days from date of test). 

These numbers are impacted by the increase of COVID cases in our community, and simultaneously show positive evidence that our common sense measures of protection within PCS are working and efficient.

Quarantine Passes (“Q Pass”): 

— There are two tracks to receiving a “Q Pass.” Your documentation must be turned in at a minimum of 24 hours to be considered valid. For instance, if your student becomes exposed at school, and does not have their documentation in at that time, they will be required to do virtual for a minimum of 24 hours while their Q Pass is validated. The sooner you turn in this documentation (email to, the sooner your student may be protected from missing physical school, athletic events, or activities.


— Face-coverings will continue to be required for students and staff unless socially-distanced (as defined by the CDC as 3-feet or more), eating/drinking, or outdoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Virtual Learning:

— We will continue this option for those who consider themselves or a member of their households to be at high risk. However, those students who are utilizing this option (be necessity or by choice), will not be permitted to participate in athletics or activities. In order to change your voluntary virtual learning status, a minimum of 2 weeks must be provided.

— To opt into the Virtual Learning option, GO HERE. At the bottom of this page, further instructions for Virtual Learning can be found.


STEP ONE TO GATHERING NEXT STEPS FOR YOUR STUDENT IS TO FILL OUT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FORMS. Please help us by streamlining our system so we can safely manage the many parts of our school more efficiently.

Has your student potentially been exposed?

(Fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.)

Has your student tested positive?

(Fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.)

Thanks for all your help in keeping your families as safe as possible and our school as safe as possible. This is a team effort, motivated by the Gospel truth of thinking of others as more important than ourselves. We praise God for our precious community and pray fervently that He would continue His sovereign hand of protection on each and every one of us, and upon our community as a whole.

We plan to release our next update as it relates to COVID and our school on two weeks from today, on September 1st. 

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