PCS Yearbook staff is a perfect merging of graphic design, management, sales, photography, and more. Our students lead this process from start to finish.


My favorite thing about yearbook is.. getting the work done and making a memory for people to have and carry throughout their lives.
From yearbook, I’ve learned how to communicate and reason with people to get things done efficiently. This experience has given me several positive life skills that I use now and will continue to in the future.
My character has been shaped by yearbook, because it has opened my mind to other ways to do things than what I’ve previously learned. There are so many creative ideas in yearbook from all of our staff, and the way we come together to make decisions is really cool.
My favorite yearbook memory was looking at all of our pages and seeing the design team’s hard work finally paying off.  It is a surreal and exciting experience when you see the pictures you have spent hours capturing and editing displayed on the pages.
This next year, you can expect from my team to put forth all of our efforts to make this yearbook as exceptional as we possibly can.
Morgan Koski
PCS Yearbook student