WebEx 2021 Virtual Classroom Information Grades 7-12

From the Desk of our Director of Technology

Parents and Students,

I wanted to send a quick note as many of the students have been joining and information was provided, but wanted to ensure everyone has the steps to succeed in the virtual classroom for all 7-12th students. This year we are using Webex as our online connection for our virtual students to leveraging the in-classroom camera systems we installed last year. Below are the steps for signing in online.  Younger students may need a little parental help, older students should be able to do this for themselves. 

Step by step instructions:

  1. On your Mac, locate the “Webex Meet” app. Select this. You can use the spotlight search, finder or launch pad to locate as it has been installed on all Macs.
  2. You DO NOT need to sign in
  3. In the meeting information box you will copy and paste your teachers Webex Personal Room URL and select join.
  4. Your teacher will email you and your child a URL to copy and paste in the box on the “Join Meeting” screen. You will use this same URL every time you log into that teacher’s class. (The URL will look something like– pcsk12.webex.com/meet/twalker – your teacher’s initial and last name will replace “twalker”). Your child should save the URL you receive from the teacher in “Notes” on his/her Mac.
  5. The Webex Join meeting box will appear and you will type in your email (First & Last Name) and email address (student PCS email address)
  6. Allow access to microphone and camera if asked.
  7. Select “start video.”
  8. Select “join.”
  9. Use mute/unmute as needed.
  10. Double click on the classroom view to make it large on your screen, so you can see what is going on in class.
  11. When class is over select the red X to leave the meeting.

Note1: (You will then follow the same instructions to join all your classes.) 

Note 2: If you join the meeting before the teachers opens the meeting, you will be placed in the lobby and once the teachers start the session you will automatically be admitted into the class.
Note 3: If you can’t find the webex app, you can join online.

Teacher personal room URLs

Mrs. Bielstein                        https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/dbielstein

Mr. Bonner                            https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/gbonner         

Ms. Broome                          https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/rbroome

Mr. Caldwell                          https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/mcaldwell

Mr. Friedman                        https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/jfriedman

Mr. Gonsalves                       https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/ngonsalves

Mr. Grace                              https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/bgrace

Mr. Hathorn                          https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/shathorn

Mrs. Heil                                https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/smheil

Mr. Hill                                   https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/dhill

Mrs. Hinton                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/whinton

Mr. Kendrick                         https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/skendrick

Mr. Lin                                    https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/jlin

Mrs. Lynch                             https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/glynch

Mrs. Matheny                       https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/cmatheny

Mrs. McPhail                         https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/cmcphail

Mrs. Miller                             https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/amiller

Mr. Moody                            https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/rmoody

Mrs. Randle                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/rrandle

Mr. Randall                            https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/prandall

Mr. Reid                                 https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet.rreid    

Mrs. Robertson                     https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/rrobertson

Mrs. Rowe                             https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/arowe

Mrs. Rowe                             https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/nrowe

Mrs. Sherer                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/lsherer

Mr. Smith                              https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/psmith

Mrs. Sugg                               https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/bsugg

Mrs. Taylor                            https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/jtaylor

Mrs. Tolar                              https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/mtolar

Mrs. Ventura                         https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/nventura

Mr. Warren                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/twarren

Mrs. Weeks                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/mweeks

Mrs. Wheat                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/dwheat

Mr. Williams                          https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/bwilliams

Mrs. Wilson                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/pwilson

Mr. Wiggins                           https://pcsk12.webex.com/meet/mwiggins

If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to reach out. For technical support please email help@pcsk12.org.