The PCS Choral performances rival some professional platforms. You will leave feeling moved, blessed, and in awe of the many ways the Lord has gifted these incredible students.



***Sophomore choral student,Eliza Kate Kosko, is pictured here performing in the talent show at Camp Desoto. Her Dad challenged her to try out during her month at camp this summer and she absolutely knocked it out of the park.

My favorite thing about chorus is getting a break from all the schoolwork to do what I love and be with friends. Music is something that has always brought immense joy to me and it is a privilege to have a platform to create and reflect the Creator who made me.

From chorus I’ve learned a lot of valuable technical skills like; how to sight read, have better breath control, and how to sing as a team, as well as, solo. I think it has also been a means for the Lord to work in my heart, developing a greater confidence as I sink deeper in the understanding that my identity is found in Him. I find it to be a privilege to glorify God with my voice just as I am called to glorify God with my life.

My favorite choral memory is probably filming the music video for Emanuel last Christmas. It was so much fun and turned out great. So many people shared that video which was a real honor. This next year, you can expect our choral group to have new members and have the opportunity to learn more pieces. Dr. Noote does an incredible job of reading us into the “why” behind each piece. He helps explain to us the context of how and why it was created, the backstory of the writer, and more. Those details allow us to connect with the emotion of each piece which truly makes them come to life.

Chorus has impacted my future because I have learned so many useful tools for learning music and music theory. It has come in handy so many times already. While only the Lord knows what is in store for my future, I pray that music will always have a special place in my life – whether that special place is on a stage or in my living room, I hope to forever sing Hallelujah.

Eliza Kate Kosko
Sophomore Choral Student