**Sara Mills Gallaspy is pictured in the center, flaked by teammates Hallie Jussely on the left and Bella Pattie on the right.

My favorite thing about Junior Varsity Cheer is that I get to be with my team and make so many memories together. They will truly be my friends for life.

One of the things I feel I’ve learned from my time cheering is how best to work together as a team and encourage others. The Lord commands us in John 16 to “be of good cheer” because He was and is and will be victorious. I love being reminded of that mindset when I am preparing to cheer and on the field, because it gives me a very important reminder that even in cheer I’m called to glorify God.

I feel that my character has been impacted greatly through cheer, because I have become a more positive person and I am surrounded by so many great people. My teammates push me to know and love God more and spur me on towards living a life that looks like Jesus.

My favorite cheer memories are all of the bus rides to and from the games. That’s when we get to catch up on our academics, and also get to cut loose and have fun with each other off the field. In this year ahead, the PCS Family can expect to see a lot of good school spirit from JV Cheer. We are ready to go and so excited to root on our classmates.

I really believe that cheer has impacted my future because it has taught me leadership. It has also shown me how precious these lifelong friendships are that I have made with my teammates. It is a real gift to do life with them, and I know that sense of community will continue even after we walk across that graduation stage. Let’s go Bobcats!

Sara Mills Gallaspy
8th Grade Junior Varsity Cheerleader