My favorite thing about Blue Blaze is how our team is a family. We all love and support each other and it really shows in each of our performances. From blue blaze I’ve learned that pulling your own weight is extremely important. Not only do we have to hold our own weight in kick lines, but doing small things like practicing by yourself and taking extra classes help the team grow as a whole. Being on Blue blaze has helped me develop leadership skills. From being the youngest on the team to now being oldest, I learned to listen to my captains which prepared me to step up and be a leader to my baby blazers.

My favorite thing to do with the blue blaze is hanging out and getting ready together before each game. I think of it as a little pregame party preparing us to be hype and ready to cheer on our players. This next year, you can expect unity from the blue blaze. As a spirit squad we are meant to be there for our fellow bobcats and support them. This year we are very excited to attend many more events so that we can show how much we support them.

Blue Blaze has impacted my future greatly by showing me just how much I enjoy dancing. I plan to keep dancing after I graduate and hopefully come back to show support to my fellow Blue Blazers and students.

Blayne Pope
Junior Blue Blaze Member