My favorite thing about archery is—getting to shoot my bow with my friends.

From archery I’ve learned—You can do anything as long as you put your heart, mind, and courage into it.

My character has been shaped by archery because—It has helped me have a “can do” attitude, and has helped me be more confident.

My favorite archery memory was—when I scored my first 50—Perfect Score and when my team got 2nd place at the state tournament.

This next year, you can expect from my team—really good shooters and hopefully, 1st place at state tournament

Archery has impacted my future because—It has made me more confident and can possibly lead to me getting a college scholarship.

Since I started archery in the 3rd grade, I’ve had 4 perfect scores of 50.


Colby McPhail
6th Grade Archery Player