HATTIESBURG, MS— Presbyterian Christian School is excited to announce our Valedictorian is Owen Massey and Salutatorian is Travis Ashley for the PCS Class of 2023.

Our Valedictorian, Owen Massey, is a quiet leader in the academic realm of PCS. He has a perfect 4.4 GPA and scored a 32 on his ACT (with a perfect 36 in English!). He’s very involved with his family’s business, and will be attending Mississippi State. He is a member of Mu Alpha Theta, the Spanish Honors Society, Film Club, and Beta Club!

Our Salutatorian, Travis Ashley, was our Star Student this year, scoring at 35 on his ACT (with a perfect score in Math…twice)! He has a perfect 4.4 GPA and will be attending Mississippi State to study Chemical Engineering. He is the President of Mu Alpha Theta, and an active member in the Spanish Honors Society, Film Club, and Beta Club.

Dr. Smithers, Interim Head of School, shares, “These two young men have been working for these honors for many years. The distinct honors of Val and Sal are not simply based on a single test score, or even a couple of test scores. They are based on every single teacher, advisor, and administrator, from elementary and beyond. They are based on years of discipline, focus, hours and hours of studying, and evidence of their accrued and persistent pursuit of excellence in all things. Owen Massey and Travis Ashley have already been world changers in their short lives, but we trust will continue impacting the world for Christ at every turn to come.” 

PCS Academic and College Counselor, Emily Thomas, states, “In my short time as the college counselor, it has been a pleasure to observe the work ethic of these two, and see them demonstrate such care about their learning. They are truly examples to all students of dedication and scholarship. I can’t wait to see the amazing places the God takes them!”

PCS Valedictorian for the Class of 2023, Owen Massey shares, “PCS has been a great experience. The lasting impression is a school run by people of solid faith who care about their students and desire to see them succeed. PCS has granted me an exceptional education through exceptional teachers and administration.  My PCS journey began in K-4. It has been a pretty steady experience with the years seeming to get shorter each year. Overall, it has been a long journey that I can look back on with pleasant memories. The biggest advice I could give would be to just study hard and give academics your best. Never let anyone else bother you.”

Valedictorian Owen Massey continues, “There are many people I would like to thank: Mr. Griffith, Dr. Smithers, Mrs. Sugg, Coach Williams, Mrs. Rob, Mr. Wiggins, my mother and her parents, and Mrs. Foster and Mr. Misner even though they are not longer at PCS. I know I am leaving some out but it is because there were so many good Christian people along the way. I plan to attend Mississippi State University and attain a degree in either mechanical engineering or electrical engineering with an MBA.”

PCS Salutatorian for the Class of 2023, Travis Ashley, shares, “PCS has challenged me academically, allowing me to flourish among other academically gifted students. They were able to push me to become the best version of myself. I started at PCS in the 6th grade, and was nervous to switch schools for the first time in my life. However, I quickly made strong friendships that I still hold on to today. As I went through high school, my experience was dampened by the pandemic, causing a lot of confusion for me and my peers. As I completed high school, I was able to finish strong and graduate with friends I will always cherish.” 

Salutatorian Travis Ashley continues, “I would tell younger PCS students to keep working hard in school and stay vigilant even when you become discouraged. Always try your best, no matter the circumstances. I want to thank my parents for the support they give me every day and the many different teachers that have taught and guided me to this great achievement. I also want to thank my friends for sticking with me throughout all of high school. I plan to attend Mississippi State University and major in Chemical Engineering. I hope to enter the co-op program and have a job waiting when I graduate with my bachelor’s degree.”

We look forward to all the Lord has in store for these two young men and the entirety of their graduating class. May you each continue the PCS charge of “truth, honor, and loyalty” in all you do as you honor God in the years and stations to come.


For questions and media inquiries, please contact Director of Communications, Kami Bonner at kmbonner@pcsk12.org or 765-215-1334.