Since its beginning in 1976 Presbyterian Christian School’s primary purpose has been to provide families a biblical educational option in Hattiesburg. That alone is our distinctive. We unapologetically embrace this calling, and we want to be intentional in how we represent and testify to what we value.

Our biblical worldview calls us to rigorously challenge each student academically, but that rigor also has to be embedded in relevant contexts and caring relationships with the teachers who lead. Our calling requires that we fully utilize our heads, our hands, and our hearts as we explore the beauty of God’s creation.

As our children dig into great literature, create their own art and poetry, explore the beautiful order of mathematics and the sciences, and consider their own place in this complex world, we guide them to see that the Author of the Universe is the only source of meaning and purpose in study.

Our aim is, thus, to graduate young men and women who are wise, who compassionately give back to their community, and boldly stand up for what is right and what they believe.

As you browse our website, I hope you sense the heart of Presbyterian Christian School, and we hope you will come by for a visit so that you can see and feel the PCS difference for yourself.

Grace and Peace,

Seth Parrish, Ed.D.
Head of School